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WB Consulting ECS, LLC offer the best consulting services


WB Consulting ECS, LLC is a digital agency based in Connecticut. We offer a wide array of creative and technical solutions, including: sales, marketing, website design and development, graphic design, custom web and social applications, mobile websites, online strategy, consulting, and online marketing. strategic planning, branding, advertising, copy-writing, public relations, SEO, market research, special events, proposals and presentations, client relations, and developing firm identity materials, websites and client publications.



With clients ranging from online start-ups to Fortune 500

companies, WB Consulting ECS, LLC delivers innovative website solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and integrated marketing strategies that launch and drive business.















Photoshop   95%

Hotel Management   98%

HTML5 & CSS3   99%

SEO  96%

Marketing Solution  86%

Advertising  82%


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Website Design

Mobile Design

Graphic Design

Print Design



We specialize in custom web development and programming solutions for web and mobile applications.

Search Engine


WB can Help your Hotel with Marketing and Manage your business to help bring in the most revenue possible. Contact Us TODAY!




Video Editing

Whether you’re a new company with a tight budget, or an established business that needs to update its image, our design staff can fulfill your needs.

Whether you need a corporate video, a television commercial, a trade show video, a sales video, or an instructional or explainer video, We can help!

WB Consulting ECS, LLC  can develop a Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) strategy that is based upon your existing marketing and communications plans.

Marketing opportunities and methods available to reach customers change almost as quickly as technology does and in today's fast-paced, ever-digital business world, it's easy to get lost or left behind.


Sales and Marketing play an important role in the success of any property. Without a cohesive plan, properties can miss key revenue generation opportunities and lose guests to the competition. We use a multi-faceted approach for sales and marketing initiatives to ensure our associates execute strategies that provide long-term success.


From tapping into strategic marketing partnerships to executing a robust public relations campaign, the WB Consulting team is here to help your property receive maximum exposure and connect with your target market.




















WB Consulting ECS, LLC Sales & Marketing approach includes:






















Worldwide Sales Exposure

WB Consulting ECS, LLC uses Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and the Internet to position our portfolio hotels and major hotel brands on a global scale. We make it easy for business and leisure travelers, meeting planners, travel agents, and wholesalers from around the globe to book the property of their choice. This type of reach allows WB Consutling ECS, LLC direct access to domestic and international markets.


Strategic Marketing Partnerships

We have formed strategic partnerships with several leading airlines, credit card companies, and rental car companies so that WB Consutling ECS, LLC can promote products and services to very targeted groups and markets effectively.


Customer Loyalty Programs

We have created programs that make it easy for WB Consutling ECS, LLC to execute customer loyalty programs where guests enjoy perks such as earning membership points, frequent flyer miles, upgrades, and other items.


Public Relations

We have developed robust public relations campaigns in both the online space and offline to ensure our portfolio of properties receives maximum exposure via print and electronic media channels, and in trade and consumer publications.


Co-Op Advertising

We produce and participate in co-op and joint advertising and promotional campaigns on a regional, national, and international scale. We have found this to be a very effective way to promote WB Consutling ECS, LLC through both print and electronic media channels.


Media Purchasing

WB Consutling ECS, LLC Hospitality Management uses a centralized media buying approach to maximize advertising dollars of all hotels. We work closely with hotels to create individual advertising campaigns and assist properties in obtaining the best rates for local advertising initiatives.

  •     Balancing direct vs. indirect channel sales
  •     Maximizing opportunities on the Internet by tapping into online distribution channels and executing eMarketing
  •     Utilizing in-depth knowledge of local market condition
  •     Working closely with group business, meeting planners, wholesalers, incentive travel companies, corporate travel
  •     departments, and franchise-sponsored marketing programs
  •     Deploying marketing campaign
  •     Employing sales incentive programs
  •     Establishing a professional sales administrative process
  •     Developing effective approaches for prospecting, qualifying, selling, and closing
  •     Creating a team that works cohesively and is focused on goals
  •     Defining expectations and maintaining accountability
  •     Developing and measuring strategic initiatives to drive results
  •     Implementing standard operating procedures in all areas
  •     Establishing critical path plans by department to ensure positive outcomes
  •     Launching innovative programs and procedures that work
  •     Implementing "five-star" training programs that are unparalleled in the industry
  •     Implementing memorable experiences and driving guest satisfaction
  •     Surveying guests and employees to maximize positivity, and profitability and more!

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WB Consulting ECS, LLC

37  Wheeler Rd

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Email: info@wbconsultingecs.com

Sales:  kwb@wbconsultingecs.com


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